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ZK 600S

ZK 600S Fully Automatic Rigid Box Machine is specialized to produce asymmetrically shaped boxes. Using servo motion control, the entire machine intelligently synchronizes as per digital parameters. The machine is suitable for the production of high-end rigid boxes, such as OEM products boxes, clamp shell boxes, watch boxes, electronic products, mobile phone boxes, jewelry boxes, gift boxes, cosmetics boxes and so on.

» Applicable for the production of high-end rigid boxes especially for asymmetric boxes
» Wide range of sizes & shapes possible
» Visual positioning and camera placement system for high precision (positioning error ± 0.05 mm)
» Automatic box lifting and guiding device
» 39 servo motors. The entire machine auto-adjusts for quick make ready
» Glue preheating controller device to save the production time
» Sensors at multiple locations for troubleshooting
» Optional automatic glue viscosity control system

Technical Parameters


3525 D PRO-01-01.png
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