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ZDH 700

At present, high grade packaging boxes are three dimensional type, which not only takes large volume, high transportation cost, but also easily cause deformation damage by extrusion during transportation. In view of this situation, our company cooperated with Zhejiang university for school enterprise cooperation, according withthe actual needs of users, adopted new craft to design the two sides of the three - dimensional box into collapsible boards with flexibility, and developed the ZDH 700 collapsible box making machine. This adopts servo drive, photo electric positioning, servo rectification, servo insert folding, edge wrapping and other new craft and technologies. It can automatically complete the process of paper feeding, gluing, cardboard automatic feeding, positioning, edge automatic folding and other processes. The whole machine adopts 12 servo systems, which can accurately complete the required actions of each process. The launch of this machine, enabling the transport volume of the box decrease more than 80%, not only greatly reduce the transport cost and the storage space, but also enabling almost no damage, no deformation. Thus this machine is the new solution to the majority of printing and packaging enterprises for producing collapsible boxes.

Technical Parameters


3525 D PRO-01-01.png
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