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ZK 5540C

ZK 5540C Automatic Box Forming Machine adopts servo motion control, photoelectric sensor, touchscreen HMI systems. Automatic paper feeding, gluing, edge folding and box forming are completed in one operation. Applicable for the production of semi rigid boxes made of 300-450 gsm ivory/white board, kraft board and B/E/F flute. Widely used for packaging for food, clothes, shoes, toys, and health care products.

» Easy mold change
» Modular design, low noise and high production
» A single motor is used to drive cam & connecting rod to complete all actions
» The motion controller is used to control multiple servos for synchronised movement of each component
» Single wall & double wall boxes can be produced
» Swiss hot melt gluing system
» Special folding device to break fluted box creasing for better folding.

Technical Parameters


3525 D PRO-01-01.png
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