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ZFM 700/1000/1350 A

ZFM Series Automatic Case Making Machine is ideal solution for printing and packaging industry with high-volume production requirment for packaging of wine, cigarettes, confectionery, tea, mobile phones, garments, handicrafts, cosmetics, etc. It can also be used for making file folders, calendars, and other hardcover books.

» Uses servo drive, photoelectric detecting, servo positioning
» High accuracy, fast speed and high quality
» Auto temperature control function to prevent paper & roller sticking
» 3 sets of German photoelectric detecting systems to control the positioning error
» Mechanical edge folding technology for tight edges
» Stainless steel glue tank for easy cleaning.
» Thermal insulation layer of glue tank reduces the energy consumption by 60%
» Speed upto 30 pcs/min

المعايير الفنية


3525 D PRO-01-01.png
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